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About Us


Mission Statement

Hello, My name is Tess.....

I am the CEO and Founder of My Happy newborn baby.

Thank you for visiting my website... After working as a maternity consultant and troubleshooter for the past 19 years, and a combined career working in the childcare sector for 30 yrs. 

I wanted to continue to support first-time parents and parents of newborns, with the same guidance and support as I did when I was living in 24hr/6/5 days a week

for up to 8-12 weeks- 1 YR.



Our Mission Statement:

we are here to support new parents who have newborn babies,

older babies up to the age of 1yr,

with consistent and professional guidance and ongoing support through a variety of virtual / Remote support systems to teach and guide them so they have greater knowledge and understanding of their babies' development, in all aspects of baby care.

All our Courses and services offered here at My Happy Newborn Baby are for first-time parents and first time  expectant parents and we aim to:

Ensure that you receive advice and helpful hints/ tips on how to understand

your baby/ babies. 

Gain an understanding of the cues and signals that your baby is trying to

communicate with you.

We Teach new parents safe sleep practices and Best practices in terms of Sleep habits. 

We teach Best practices in terms of Hygiene and safety. 

We Enable and give new parents the Confidence to overcome problems they may be facing with their babies/ toddlers in any area of baby care. 

Leave our New Parents with the tools and knowledge to implement our strategies and approach in their own way with confidence and understanding. 

Give us a call for a chat about further advice and support.

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Imparting Knowledge

we have worked with many families with Newborns and older babies over the past 30 yrs combined experience in the childcare sector and the Maternity sector to help parents establish a routine, or re-establish a routine - especially after illness, or if parents have just lost their way and can't read baby's signals anymore and need a little help to get back on track.

                                                                     Our Maternity Consultants aim to:


Offer you, helpful advice and tips on how to improve your current situation,

we help you find the confidence to carry on and develop/ understand and progress with your baby/ babies.

Covering the following areas but not limited to:

General: Advice on Layette and essential kit lists. Advice on all aspects of baby care and developmental stages.             

  • Feeding: Breast Feeding. Bottle feeding/ Combination feeding/ weaning breast to bottle/ Weaning onto solids/ Bottle Refusal/ Tongue Tie feeding related issues.
  • Sleep and Routine: sleep training/sleeping through the night/structuring and aiding day sleeps / Establishing a routine.
  • Re-Establishing a routine.
  • Development: Instilling independence / Settling and re-settling/ Twins / Multiples/ Dummy dependence.
  • Physical Development: Effective Play techniques/ Tummy time/ Wind downtime/ settling.
Parent and Child

Guiding and supporting

We work with our clients to:

  • Give guidance and teach handling/ dressing/ changing/ bathing your newborn feeding, and winding. 
  • Teach you, and enable you to listen to your newborn's communications through body language and Vocalisation.
  • Teach the cues and signals your newborn is giving to you so that you gain the confidence needed to continue on this exciting journey with your baby/babies.
  • Establish a feeding and sleeping routine for the baby.
  • The Maternity consultant is routine-based and helps to implement a structured feeding and sleeping routine, we work with you to establish:leaving you with clear and practical guides to help you continue to adapt and develop the routine with confidence yourselves. Ongoing online support.
  • A structured feeding and sleeping pattern, within this framework there is flexibility.
  • working together as a team to help baby/ies establish a routine that works well with the family as well as fitting in with toddlers/ older children in the family too.
  • Teaching and guiding and instilling confidence in you as a parent to then progress and develop with your Newborn as they grow.
  • Help you to establish the foundations of a routine and show you how to adapt and develop the routine with your baby as they grow up.

Twins Specialist 

After working with 24 sets of twins all with varying developmental needs, we are able to offer an invaluable service to new and existing parents with


we understand the complexity of having multiples and what is involved to help and support you through the first few weeks and months with your newborn twins. 

All our packages including 

The Welcome Home package/

The coming home package

Remote coaching and support

 for our Clients with Twins as well. 

         if you would like to chat about your needs and how we can help you with twins...

Book a discovery call 


Subscription only Membership

We have changed to a subscription Members only Website,

so we can fully engage and commit to our members.

Our members have access to : 

Monthly Blogposts, Monthly focus chats

Tips for Success Vault /Blog Vault

Tips for Success articles

Private FB group

Mini-courses/ informative Lives/discounts to our Online courses. 

Ask me anything Q&A sessions

 If you have questions would like advice and guidance on All things newborn, coming home with baby, first few weeks, feeding, winding, settling to sleep, everything and anything.

Why not become a member


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