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Baby and Me Online Courses


We have moved our Baby and Me courses online... 

please bear with us as we work behind the scenes to bring you these informative and fun courses.

The Baby and Me course is led by Maternity consultants who have lived with many families with newborns 24hrs a day 5/6 days a week for up to 10+ weeks up to 6 months, over the last 19 years, 

they have years of experience and extensive knowledge and understanding of newborn development,  

these courses are aimed to give you the knowledge so you have a calm first few weeks/ months with your newborn/s.


so that you can communicate with your new bundle and be happy/relaxed and confident in the first few weeks and beyond.

We understand that even though it is so exciting and you can't wait to meet your little bundle, It can also be totally overwhelming and it's a huge change in your lives.

Many of our clients have taken the NCT courses which are great for birth and before the baby arrives - but what happens after that? sure there is an early days course after - but by then you are in it with the baby and trying to cope with sleep deprivation/emotions and then you have to get yourself out to the course which lasts once a week for a few weeks -


 what if you were able to have the information before baby/ies arrive and be ready?

There are many challenges that come up during the first few days and weeks of a newborn's life.

We think it's important for our clients to be knowledgeable and confident about what to do when baby/ies do arrive.

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Parent and Child
Why Choose Us? 

  • We have extensive knowledge and understanding of newborn babies and what it takes to look after them 24 hours a day,
  •  we have worked over the past 19 years with countless midwives/ Breast Feeding consultants/  doctors in hospitals and GPS with a very well-rounded knowledge and understanding of babies behavior, and development.
  • we have experienced a variety of different scenarios with countless newborn singletons and 24 sets of Twins, we have an in-depth understanding of how babies develop and we understand how they communicate,
  •  we have 30 yrs combined experience of working in the childcare sector and maternity sector with mums in all different situations.
  • We know how to get a newborn baby and twins into a structured routine, sleeping through., sleeping well during the day, and how to adapt to the routine.
  • We understand Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weaning from breast to bottle, combination feeding, bottle refusal, and feeding issues. 
  •  we have experience with Premature and early/ small for dates / and low birth weight babies. 
  • We also have experience with Reflux and silent reflux / Tongue-tie as well as other health issues, which may occur in the first few weeks/months.

The baby and me course will teach you everything about your newborn baby/ies BEFORE they arrive, 

you will feel ready and equipped to feel confident when your little one or two arrive.

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What's Involved How does it work?

Our courses will all be online. 

The Courses are for first-time expectant mums. 

And for first-time mums with newborns.

Choose which course you would like to do.


Then complete your course at your own speed and time. 

There is no set time limit and no set start date, so you choose when you want to complete the course. 

The courses will be a mixture of Pictures/ Text/ Audio/Video, All in English,

If you have any specific learning needs please let us know before you purchase the course, to see if we can help. 

Any questions about your payment/course content/ etc please feel free to get in touch with us. We will contact you at the end of your course to see if there is any further support you need. 

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Why Choose our Courses

we have 19 years of hands-on live in 24 hr  6-7 days a week practical experience working with newborns/ twins

Our courses are easy to follow with very clear advice and guidance. 

Our courses teach you the parents how to be confident.

Our courses prepare you for your first day home with your baby through the first few months with your baby,

 imparting knowledge so you can understand your, newborn baby. 

Our courses give you the tools to be confident. 

our online courses come with lifetime access, which means you can re-visit your course material whenever you need to in your own time,

 in the comfort of your own home. 

With each course bought you will also receive discounts for further courses. 

The courses are bespoke to us, they come with follow-up coaching and consultancy as an option to support you through the first few months with your newborn baby. 

What's covered in the Courses

Our comprehensive, courses cover the following areas, dependent on which course you choose, Each Course has a

FAQ section and if you get stuck you can contact us through your member's dashboard with any Questions. 


Breast /bottle or combination feeding. Feeding positions, tips for success Winding signals, and effective winding techniques/ positioning.

Troubleshooting in the first few weeks.


Safe sleep practices, Good sleep Habits, and sleep associations teach your baby how to sleep, Myths debunked, and Setting a sleep pattern in the early days.

Factors affecting sleep and what to put in place to help your newborn sleep.  


How to establish communication with your newborn. Signals, cues, and how to read them. 

Decoding your baby's cries. how to Communicate with your baby, What baby is saying/ not saying? 


Settling into a pattern, lay down the groundwork for routine, the importance of routine.  how to move from a pattern into a routine,

How to make the transition easy for you and your baby.


Top and tail how to / when to/ tips for success/hair wash /massage/ oils/lotions and creams. Handling/ How to ease your baby into enjoyable bathing. 

We are certain that our courses will leave you feeling happy, confident/calm, and ready to cope with the exciting new challenges a Newborn baby can bring.

Image by Chris Anderson
How do these courses help me?

All our courses are designed to impart knowledge and guidance to our clients. 

This course will give you insights into your newborn baby and their development. 

Giving you knowledge and understanding of how to deal with the everyday.

Our courses help you to plan for the future, implement changes that will help in the future. 

Dependent on which course you choose: 

How to handle and hold your newborn so they feel secure, teach you how to understand their cries and communicate with them, teach you all about breastfeeding/ bottle feeding/ Winding/ arming you with knowledge and empowering you helping you to feel confident to cope with anything thrown at you. 

You will come away feeling confident and have a plan on what to do when you arrive home with baby. 

Knowing that you also have support if and when you need it, When the baby arrives through other coaching/ programs/ Private FB group/available. 

With our courses, you also get a 1-1 follow-up coaching session.

Access to our Private FB community of like-minded first-time mums, Led by an experienced maternity coach. 

Ongoing Support programs are available.

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