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For the past 19 years, Tess has been working as a maternity nurse/consultant and troubleshooter, for hundreds of families,

celebrities, and V.I.P s  all over the UK and internationally.


Tess has worked with over 24 sets of twins. 

During this time Tess has also worked with babies with health issues under GOSH (Great Ormand Street Hospital ) care.

Silent Reflux babies as well as Reflux babies, as well as healthy babies. 

She has worked with Breastfed / bottle-fed and combination-fed babies, low birth weight and premature babies, and term babies too. 

Her methods and approach are pragmatic and Visual, drawing on her teaching abilities, she is able to leave her clients with sound knowledge and  confidence to help them grow and develop and communicate with their babies and toddlers. 

She has troubleshooted for celebrity / high-profile families and has worked with Gina Ford. 

 Tess continues to work as a troubleshooter,  providing support and advice for families.

 She enjoys a challenge and continues with ongoing Professional development, broadening her knowledge and keeping up with new trends

and research within her field of expertise.

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Tess moved into the Maternity section 19 years ago, after 16 years in childcare. 

Since then she has helped hundreds of families with newborn babies.

What Our previous Clients are saying


Mrs J

Tess is all you could ask for in a maternity consultant - vastly experienced, professional, supportive, caring, kind, patient, trustworthy, and an invaluable asset in any household with newborns.

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Dr S
Hong Kong

In every circumstance, Tess was experienced, Knowledgeable, diplomatic, and helpful.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Tess as a maternity coach for any family.


Mrs T 

Tess taught me everything I need to know about their signals and cues, and what their cries meant. Tess supported me with my breastfeeding working on my technique.

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A little message from Tess 

I have worked all over the world and with hundreds of lovely families all in different situations, with varying needs, for the past 19 years.

 I have a wealth of knowledge to share, teach, and guide my new clients with.

I can't wait to meet you and help you on this exciting journey, I hope that you will join me in some way, whether that is through the Remote coaching sessions/email list/membership/ Blog subscription/ Or One of the present Packages on offer or one of the Future packages. 

I am passionate about helping to support and teach first-time parents who would like to put in place a routine that works with family life and also gives you Time freedom, that develops and adapts to you and your baby. 

With effective techniques to put in place to make everything easier, to help you over those hurdles and changes with your baby as they grow from Newborn to 1 yrs old. All the time, helping you to understand and communicate with your baby from Newborn to 1 yrs old. 

Holding your hand every step of the way. 

In a supportive constructive and consistent approach.Which I know works and works very well.  

Come and join me in my world.

Tess, CEO and Founder of My Happy Newborn Baby. 

Brief History

Brief History:

Tess has been working in Maternity for 19 years. 

Prior to her Maternity career: 

Tess worked in the childcare sector for 16 years 

as a private nanny for many families before progressing into Maternity.

Tess has worked in Nurseries as a key worker as well as providing support to nurseries in and around London as well as Hampshire, Derbyshire, Nottingham

with a good understanding of Ofsted requirements and The EYFS, key stages of development.

 Tess has worked as a nanny for many years working with children as well as babies from the ages of 6 weeks to 15 yrs old,

all aspects of childcare were covered. 

 In her extensive childcare career, Tess has worked as a Housemother in a prestigious boarding school.

 Supervisor in two separate pre-schools making welcome changes. 

Private nanny for 10 years to many families. 

Her extensive experience is diverse and she has worked with many varied ages of babies and children in an array of different settings.

Tess holds a teaching certificate. 

she prides herself on her professionalism and teaching abilities.

Amongst Other Talents

  Tess is  also a trained Actor and dancer, 

She trained as a dance teacher in 2002, and her dance-teaching experience is varied,

teaching Ballet,  Tap to Children, and Adults. 

When she worked at Islington Arts Factory, London, 

she became Director of Dance for the young moves department and taught Ballet for the little ones aged from 4yrs to 12 yrs.

 At this time she rewrote the syllabus for the whole of the ballet department and also wrote a student charter.

Tess introduced a new Tap class for children of the dance dept. 

During this time Tess was the Stage manager for all the shows as well as choreographer, for her classes.

 The shows were performed at the Saddlers Wells Theatre with 150+ performers. 

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The Future is bright

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 By providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to communicate with your newborn baby, 

 We can help you to communicate, understand, grow, and develop with your babies/  With Confidence & Knowledge.                                      
         Our company is developing and progressing all the time and we are excited about what the future holds. 
                   We hope you will join us on this journey. 
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Welcome to a new way of gaining support and guidance from a Maternity Coach.

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We are in the planning stages of our most comprehensive and complete program which when completed will be of great benefit to our clients as it will cover from Newborns to 1 yr old in a complete program

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