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Photos on our Website

All photos we have used on this website our subject to Copyright laws. 

More info in our FAQ's

If you would like further information about the photos we have used, let us know which photo you are interested in and we can tell you the source and the Photographer's Name. 

No photos are to be reproduced belonging to MHNB. 

Happy Baby

Our Gallery Of Gorgeous Babies 

Our Gogeous Babies,
we have had the pleasure to have known
and looked after over the years.  
Here is a selection of singletons and Twins we have had  the pleasure to have worked with over the past 19 years, If you would like Advicesupport and guidance through any of our programs 
book a discovery call. 
All Personal photos in this section remain the intellectual property of MHNB as they are Personal Photos. 


Our Blog  is part of the membership Program gives more than just a blog, every month we hold a Focus chat, where we discuss our blog in more depth. Each Blog takes you on a journey into discovering all about your newborn baby up to the age of 1 yr, All areas of babycare covered. We hope you will join us. 

Remote Coaching

One-to-one coaching and support from a maternity consultant with over 33 years of experience in the Maternity and childcare sector. 

Covering all areas of baby care from Newborn to 1 Yrs old. 

  The Welcome Home Program

Support for the critical first few weeks home with your newborn

within 1-2 weeks Home. one week of ongoing support  1-2 Day visits combined with  Remote Coaching support.

The  Coming Home Program

For the first crucial month at home with your newborn, One Month of ongoing support 1-2 Day visits and Remote coaching combination support. 

Covering everything Newborn to help you on your journey to feel more knowledgeable and confident. 


Subscribed Membership 

Our subscribed Membership is like your own virtual world of ongoing support. 

Not only do you have access to Monthly Blogs/ masterclasses/ Lives/Q&As/ focus chats, You also have access to The Blog Vault/ Tips for Success and The Tips for Success Vault. 

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All written materials/ blogs/ articles/ updates/ plans/summaries posted and shared on this website MHNB, given to Clients, All Facebook posts/ FB Group posts/ Instagram posts/ Pinterest, and any other social media platforms affiliated with our name, our written materials are protected by Copyright Law UK.

Everything written on any of the platforms mentioned above remains the Intellectual property of My Happy Newborn Baby.

Any person/persons/company attempting to share or copy our intellectual property will be in breach of UK copyright laws. 

All rights reserved.

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