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We have 34 yrs of experience with Newborns/ Babies/ Toddlers and children 

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We can provide ongoing support and guidance through your new journey. 

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Ongoing support from a professional Maternity Coach

Having worked for the past 19 years living in with families with babies 24/5 24/6 for up to 8-12 weeks to 1 yr,  having an extensive knowledge of  Prem babies/ Twins/ Early and Small for Dates/ as well as Babies with Special Needs- GOSH / Reflux and Silent Reflux. 

Our programmes are designed specifically for First-time parents.

We understand because we have lived it.


We can walk through your journey with you supporting you when needed, through our programmes

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Who are happy with a structured approach.and want to establish a routine. 

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From Introducing baby to the Family Dog 
 Snippet of  Tips for Success... 

3: Allow for Walks and outside time: Ensure the dog is still being walked and getting out of the house, as part of the daily routine, however, this cannot be Mum as she has just gone through a major Birth / C-sec and her body needs time to recover she is also probably breastfeeding, so all you lovely Dads/ Partners this falls to you.

Ensure the walks are regular and that your dog has opportunities to get out for their daily constitutionals!

Is it unrealistic to expect a dog to wait all day to go out, if need be you could also hire a reputable dog walker to help with this even if just once or twice a week.

This will help the dog to run off its energy and not to be bored in the house all day.

Put this in place for a few weeks BEFORE the baby's arrival, that way this has become part of your dog's routine, and your dog will be happy to go out, while you are in.

Snippet of  Tips for success from the vault 

from Bottle Feeding Bliss

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This snippet is from our Tips for success Bottle Feeding Bliss

There are a lot of blogs and articles out there, which have misleading and incorrect information, stating that burping your baby throughout the feed creates more wind. However, I am here to tell you, that if you don't burp your baby throughout the feed, you will have a sleepy baby that will then have major wind problems in the evening.

Wind is the 2nd main reason baby is not happy.

Understanding a baby's wind signals is key to figuring out how to help your baby.

Snippet of a Blogpost from the vault 
From Safer sleep week Tips... 

The Importance of Temperature

Baby and Room

The tips below were taken from my blog page: factors affecting newborn sleep:

It is important to check the baby's temperature so you can ascertain that baby is not too hot/cold or that baby is not ill - so we would check baby didn't feel clammy or wet to the touch on their skin.

( there would be other signs and signals if a baby was ill ) So this is just a precaution to check the baby is ok. Also just to check baby is not too hot/cold in bedclothes.

Current advice in the UK is that Newborns should be sleeping in a cool room.

16-20 'c  however, I have often found that 16 is too cold for a newborn. 

We are discussing Term babies with good weight and no medical issues - if you have a premature baby/ small for dates/ low birth weight baby- discuss with your midwife her thoughts on Room temperature.

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