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            Mini-coaching sessions 

 Our new mini-coaching sessions on Facebook are designed specifically for Expectant mums, who are FIRST-time mums.

Fun, Informative Coaching sessions to help you feel prepared for when the baby arrives.


These sessions are in the planning and preparation stages right now.

In our Mini-coaching sessions, we will be discussing everything baby.

Feeding / Sleeping/ Routine/ Safe Sleep Practice / Good Habits/

Best Products to Buy / Swaddling/ Winding/ Developmental Leaps / How to Communicate with Your Baby

How to understand your baby's cries.

and more.. 

These coaching sessions will be held in a Private FB group For Members

The Baby Hub Cafe  

The New Baby Hub Cafe  Private Facebook group For Members.

For Subscribed Members Only.

This new Private Facebook Group is for First-time mums, who favour a more Routine approach, to offer ongoing support advice, and guidance.

mini - Course sessions

Weekly Lives

Q&A's sessions


Email Newsletter 

Our Email Newsletters are a great way to get all the info and updates. 

As well as news and updates on the latest Programs/Launches/coaching sessions

you will also receive our  Top Tips by Tess series.

If you join the Email List you receive a FREE GIFT. 

 Baby and Me Courses. ( Online courses)

 our in-depth, fun Online courses,  are in the planning and preparation stages, these courses will be for first-time parents, covering various aspects of baby care.







Bear with us and we will update you as we go along.. 

Our Website has moved to a Members-only website.

As a subscribed member, you will have access to a  dedicated Members Area Dashboard where you will be able to find access to all your programs.

As a paying Member, you will have access to:

Access to The Private FB Community-

The Baby Hub Cafe. 


Q&A sessions /

Monthly masterclasses

First, shout on upcoming mini-course sessions.

Focus Chats.

Discounts to The Online Courses.

The Monthly Blog and The Vault of Archive Blogs

The Monthly Tips for Success and the Vault of Archive Tips for Success

 Members Subscription
Subscription Blog 

We have moved our Blogs to subscription only.

You don't have to be a member to subscribe to the Blogs, Once subscribed you will gain access to the monthly blogs. And our Monthly Focus Chats.

Our Blogs will be covering 

All areas of Babycare from newborns to 1 yr old. 

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