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The Ultimate Newborn baby layette list Package

Taking bookings from January 2024


                     Congratulations that you are welcoming a new life into the world. !!

It's so exciting to buy things for the arrival of your Newborn bundle/s that are on their way.

There is so much to think about and plan for.

It's also confusing, there are so many baby products on the market these days,


Let us take the stress and hassle out of buying for your newborn, 

we have over 19 years experience of working with newborns

 and which products work the best, and which products are durable and worth the cost. 

We have come up with our Ultimate Newborn Layette List of what baby products you actually need.

and will use all the time. 

This List supports those wanting to follow a safe sleep practice and Routine Approach to Parenting-

 because of our methods and approach, this would not work with attachment parenting/ co-sleeping/ 

Demand Feeding/ Baby Led Parenting Styles. 

Mother Holding Baby Finger

The Ultimate LayetteList Package is different:

We have come up with an epic essential Kit list of products that will help from Birth you will use them time and time again, these products have been used by previous clients /first-time mums just like you, who love them and have used them again on their second/third babies.

  • We are able to offer a demonstration and discovery session in your home of all products in the Newborn Layette List. 
  • We know which brands are the most effective because we have a working knowledge of these products, we have tried and tested them over the years, 
  • We are professionals who have worked with newborns / Premature newborns/twins. 
  • We know what we are talking about because we have road-tested the Moses basket /Cots/pram/ car seat/bottles/ breast pumps / Baby clothes / Muslin Cloths /nappies/ clothes/ Cot bedding etc with 100's of different babies, not just one or two.
  • We use a selection of different well-known brands as well as local and new up-and-coming companies.

Why choose us?

How it works

1, Initial Contact:

We have a chat on the phone, discussing your /house/ nursery setup / due date / Girl or Boy at birth/twins/ ideas if any you have, Themes, and which package works best for your circumstance.

The Ultimate Newborn Layette kit list is sent to you for you to purchase in your own time. 

2, Discovery Day 

Launching   2024

 once the items have been delivered, and nursery furniture has been set up.

Your maternity consultant will come and spend the day with you to help you set up the Nursery and help you to prepare everything for the baby's arrival. 

Your maternity consultant will also demonstrate how the products work and you will learn how to use the products, also what needs to be in place before the baby's arrival.  

Answering queries and reassuring you with guidance and knowledge of each product.

 The consultant will also go through important things to remember when you bring the baby/ies home and about your newborn's sleep/breastfeeding/bottle set up /sterilization.

3: Day Visits ( Dependent on which package you have chosen) 

Launching   2024.


During the Day visit, the Maternity consultant will work with you and your partner, and you're newborn to demonstrate and recap all the Essential kit, so you have confidence in handling your newborn and understand how everything works before she leaves.

During the Day Visit, The Maternity Consultant will also offer Breastfeeding/ Bottle feeding/ establishing routine/ Safe sleep advice /swaddling/  establishing a feeding and sleeping pattern, Handling / Nappy and Hygiene advice, and help with expressing/ All aspects of baby care

Summaries and Plan package included 

Add-on days up to 2 consecutive  days are available,       

Terms and conditions apply. 

Wooden Picture Frame
Children's Toys
Help throughout the First year. 

We not only offer this Ultimate Newborn Layette List 

but there are also 4 other packages we have available,


Ultimate Newborn Layette List

0-3 months

3-6 months

6-9 months 

9-12 months

These packages are designed to grow with your baby, through their developmental milestones, from feeding to weaning, sleeping, and Feeding, they cover everything required for the first 12 months.  

Mother Holding Baby Finger
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Newborn Sleep Solutions:

Discovering The Essential Hacks for a Blissful Night's Rest"

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