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We know you probably have lots of questions.. We have the answers. 

Please take a look through our Frequently asked questions below and see if they help.

If you still can't find the answer, best to book a discovery call to have a chat. We are always happy to help. 

find answers to your questions below, The following areas are covered.

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All you want to know about Our Email Newsletter. 

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All your queries about the Blog subscription.

Appointment section, all you need to know.

All your queries about the Monthly focus chats.

Our Parenting Approach and methods.

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  • Please tell me more about your Mailing List
    Hello there, Thank you for your interest. For all expectant and first time mums with an under 1 yr old. We have lots of information and insights within our Email Newsletter. Our Mailing List is a great way to learn more about how we may be able to help you, as well as receiving news you will also open up to our world. Within our Monthly Newsletter there will be news and updates. Schedule for the Month of what is happening in the Membership /fb groups. Dates for the Focus chat of the Month ( access for the focus chat is for Members and Blog subscribers ) Tips for the month ( each month will have a different theme- i.e. Breastfeeding/ Bottle-feeding/Weaning onto solids/ kit lists/ seasonal info ) Mini Coaching sessions/ mini workshops schedule. Any upcoming Launches or New Packages. You also gain access to our FREE Facebook group, when you sign up. If you join before December 28th 2023- You also get an invaluable FREE GIFT. ( Newborn sleep solutions , Essential Sleep hacks to help get your Newborn sleeping soundly.)
  • How often will I receive Email Newsletters?
    The Email Newsletters are monthly. We know how annoying it is to get bombarded with Emails, so we have made our Newsletter Monthly. As with all our packages you get much more than a Newsletter. Within our Monthly Newsletter there will be news and updates. Schedule for the Month of what is happening in the Membership /fb groups. Dates for the Focus chat of the Month ( access for the focus chat is for Members and Blog subscribers ) Tips for the month ( each month will have a different theme- i.e. Breastfeeding/ Bottle-feeding/Weaning onto solids/ kit lists/ seasonal info ) Mini Coaching sessions/ mini workshops schedule. Any upcoming Launches or New Packages.
  • Do I have to be a subscriber or member to sign up to the Newsletter
    Thanks for asking Simple answer No, you don't have to be a member or have a subscription to sign up to the email newsletter. If you are a subscribed member or Blog Subscriber then you will automatically receive the Email Newsletter. The Email Newsletter has lots of interesting information within it for non members. When you become a Member of our Email list, you get so much more than just a newsletter: You also gain access to our FREE Private FB Group, be part of a community of first time parents. Access to our Mini coaching sessions Access to our Monthly Tips from Tess- Our CEO and Founder. Each Month there will be a different subject. Monthly schedules for our Members and Blog subscribers. News of Launches and Events as they come up. Exclusive discounts and offers on our packages present and future. As well as News updates / insightful articles about everything baby.
  • What is included in the full membership?
    The Full membership includes the following, Dedicated area for members: Welcome Gift for joining. Access to the Blog Vault - lots of interesting and informative blogs Access to the Tips for Success vault- All our previous tips for success, are very informative little guides to give you some ideas that may help. Access to Monthly Masterclasses - Our Masterclasses usually last about an hour - over Zoom, and will be focused on various topics - All baby care related/ Newborn/ Baby/ Toddler. Zoom details are sent out via Email. Access to Monthly Blogposts Access to Tips for Success. Access to Ask me anything Q&A sessions Access to Focus chats - informal chats once a week, discussing everything Newborn baby related. Access to The Baby Hub Café private fb group - only for Full Paying members Access our community of like-minded individuals where you can find support and guidance on everything newborn and baby related with other first-time parents. Who shares your same ideas on the parenting approach. Ongoing coaching support from a professional Maternity Coach with over 33 yrs exp working in childcare and 19 years of working with Newborns/ Babies and Toddlers. This is where we dive deep into everything baby via our: Lives Q&A's Mini Courses. First access to Early Bird Members only offers. We Can't wait for you to join us.
  • Is there a free Trial for the membership ?
    Hello there, Yes there is a trial for both Monthly 6 monthly and Yearly memberships, The Trial for all Memberships is 1 day, after this day the payment will be taken for your chosen payment option. You can cancel at any time.
  • What is included with the Free trial?
    With both the Monthly / 6 monthly and Yearly free trials the following is included : Access to the News/Events Page Access to the Whole Website / Services/ Biography/ History- Public pages. Access to the Current Tips for Success Access to The Current Monthly Blog Access to The Current Monthly Focus chat group - ( If this date falls within your trial ) Access to The Weekly Live chat - (If this falls within your trial Period.)
  • Am I able to Cancel my Membership?
    Yes you are able to cancel your membership simply follow the link to cancel. You can cancel at any time. There are no fees for cancelling.
  • What is included in the Blog Subscription?
    So Much more than a Blog Our Blog Subscription gives you access to the Monthly Blog and the Monthly Focus chats and access to our private FB group, for as long as your subscription is active. We are Unique, we offer not only the Monthly Blog, we also support our subscribers, we run a monthly Focus chat, this is around 40-45 mins sometimes more, where we delve into the Topic of the Blog, giving you further advice. In our Q&A sessions, you get the chance to 'ask me anything Relevant to the blog subjects, Our Blogs will cover a different subject every month, We cover everything baby, from Newborn to 1 yrs old. As a blog subscriber, you also have access to our Private FB group "My Happy Newborn" A small community of like-minded First time and expectant Parents looking for a routine approach. Led by a Maternity coach with 19 years of experience. where we have lots of interesting posts lives Q&A's updates on new projects updates on our mini-course sessions. hope this helps, If you have further questions
  • Blog Subscription Pricing, why is it that Price?
    The Blog subscription is more than just a blog. You not only have access to the Monthly Blogs you also have : Access to the Monthly Focus chats Access to the Private FB Group "My Happy Newborn" Ask me anything Q&A sessions FB Lives Mini coaching sessions. Ongoing support. Bespoke service. You are gaining valuable advice from a maternity coach with over 33 yrs in childcare. The Monthly Focus chat is almost like having a coaching session. Jammed full of value and practical advice from a professional and experienced maternity coach. You get continuity throughout the whole journey. Most Blogposts and Blogs when you read them will have annoying adverts constantly popping up from the Author's affiliates. Because we decided we didn't want to distract our readers from our advice with annoying adverts and constant pop-ups, we have no affiliates. This means we can give our full attention to those who have invested in us. This also means that when you invest in our blog subscription, we invest in you too. Hope this helps
  • Can I join in the Monthly Focus chat?
    You are able to join in the Monthly Focus chat if you have a Paid Membership or subscription to the Blog. Our Monthly Focus chats look deeper into the Blog Subject of that Month. They will last about 30-40 mins sometime more. You will have the opportunity to ask questions. Will try and answer as many questions as possible, dependent on the question. Some questions require a lot more info from you and we will not be able to help with a specific situation with having a conversation first- so in that instance you would benefit from booking a discovery call.
  • How do I know when the Monthly Focus chat is?
    The Monthly Focus chats are for Subscribed Blog Members and Members only. If you are a member: The Monthly Focus chat Date will be posted into The Baby Hub Facebook Group. You will also be sent a reminder via email 2 days before the Chat. If you have a Blog subscription the Schedule will be emailed to you. Hope this helps.
  • Am I able to join the Monthly Focus chat if I am on a free trial
    If the Free trial falls on the day/days of your free trial then Yes, by all means join us, its another bespoke experience we want you to be part of. If you have not started your free trial yet then you will not be able to access this feature. Its a great bespoke feature we provide and would love you to be a part of, so if you have not already maybe consider Joining the Membership/ Blog.
  • I have missed a Few Monthly Focus chats am I able to watch them at a later date?
    We are planning to start creating a library of these Focus chats and add them to the membership area, as we believe they are a valuable tool to help all our new clients. We are working out the technical side of this , which will be up and running soon.
  • How do I find out more about Bookings?
    If you would like to find out more about bookings: Goto Our "What We Offer" Page Each Booking has an in-depth description of how it works and what is included in the booking. If you see one you like you can book a Free discovery call where we will then talk through how we can help and what would work for you. Or Contact us through our Chat Button and leave a message/ Contact Forms/Email Us, We will come back to you as soon as we can. We are happy to answer any questions in relation to a booking you already have or general enquiries.
  • Can I book a package without talking to you?
    We would advise all our new clients to book a discovery call in the first instance. A lot of the Packages are bespoke and so it's important that we have that discussion before you book with us. All packages Require the client to read through and agree to the Disclaimer/ terms and conditions/ privacy policy, without these agreements the packages will not be confirmed. A lot of the packages require an agreed signed contract. so best to book the discovery call and have a chat through all the requirements.
  • Is a contract required for a booking?
    Yes, A contract is required for all Bookings and packages available. This will be discussed at the point of enquiry Then discussed again before they are sent out. You ( the client) will be required to sign a contract/ terms of agreement for each booking/package you purchase. The Contract is legally binding, so please read all terms and conditions carefully. The Contract/ Terms of the agreement will set out all the terms and conditions of the specific Booking/ package you have purchased. The Contract will be sent out to you via email, at the point of booking, you will be required to sign the agreement and pay the nonrefundable deposit. The Booking is not confirmed until the deposit has been received and the Terms and conditions agreed to. The Terms and conditions set out are final. No changes or exceptions will be made to them. The Maternity Coach reserves the right without prejudice to Refuse bookings. The Maternity coach reserves the right to change the dates of a booking - ( as much notice as possible will be given in this instance) As you can imagine, Babies are on their own schedule and sometimes they decide to be late / Very early.
  • Is there a Grace Period when booking one of your packages?
    Yes, there is a grace period on certain packages. This is a 14-day Grace period, where you can request your Deposit back and cancel the booking. However once this Grace period has ended, Your Deposit becomes nonrefundable and is kept as a cancellation fee. We always try and accommodate our clients, we also are very thorough and transparent from the beginning. For obvious reasons, we will have turned away other clients and booked out time to complete your preferred dates/ times- which is then often difficult to rebook. Babies also follow their own clock and some come late and some are very early, so as we have booked everything around your dates, we hope you can understand our reasons for this. You may be able to request a change in booking/ dates - This may be an option to help you find a better fit for you. However, this is circumstantial and does not apply to all packages. This is also dependent on the Maternity coach's workload and other bookings. The 14-day Grace Period Does not apply to the following: Any of The Remote Coaching and consultancy support packages. Any of the Ultimate Newborn Baby layette list packages. Any of our future Baby Bump and Me online courses.
  • Am I able to Cancel a booking?
    If you have booked one of our packages, you will have already paid a deposit, after the 14-day cooling-off period this deposit is non-refundable. this applies to All Active packages, there are no exceptions to this: The Welcome Home Package The Coming Home package The Remote Coaching Consultancy package The Newborn Layette List Package. So you are able to cancel the booking, however, your deposit will be taken as a cancellation fee. This is discussed at first point of contact This is discussed again before any contracts/ Agreements are sent to you This is set out in your contract/ Agreement you would have signed at the time of the booking. Terms and conditions apply to all Packages/ Courses / Services - These will be emailed to you. Our Cancellation policy protects our income. We will have turned away Other clients to accommodate your booking dates. As such this is why the policy is in place. We may be able to change your booking dates, however, this is not a guarantee, it very much depends on The Maternity Coach's Availability and other clients dates.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    You can book an appointment through the book a discovery call button. You will find these throughout every page of the website. This will take you to a calendar where you can choose your preferred day and time slot for us to chat, choose which package you would like to discuss, or choose the General Discovery call to see which may work for you. We can offer bespoke packages. You will also be asked to provide your email address/telephone and details Just so you know we need the privacy policy and the website terms agreed to before we can call you. We require 48 hrs' notice to Cancel the appointment- see our other FAQ ( appointments to see more)
  • Can I cancel an appointment?
    We understand that life can be challenging and things come up, which means sometimes we need to rearrange our timetables. We understand that you may need to cancel your appointment, Please give as much notice as possible to cancel the appointment. If you are unable to make your agreed appointment time, please drop us a message and we will try and reschedule you in and find a timeslot that works for you. This is not always possible, depending on waiting lists. As we have a waiting list of people for appointments, you can understand that we need to keep our time slots as open as possible, it is not easy to book in other clients that quickly, so the more notice you can give us the better so we can open up the slot. Thanks
  • What is the parenting approach used?
    The parenting approach is a combination of different methods used over the last 19 yrs of working with hundreds of different families. We know this approach works because we have lived it for the last 19 yrs. The approach helps our clients to Be confident in their parenting approach. Knowing how to adjust and adapt to everyday life without having to abandon the approach. Helps to develop strong independence from a young age. The approach used and the methodology taught is to encourage understanding of your baby and their development throughout the first year of life. Which if followed, in turn, helps your baby develop into a strong and confident, and independent Toddler. Ready to start their next chapter. This approach is a lifestyle approach and will help you through from when your Newborn to 1 yrs old. We follow and favour a more structured and routine approach to parenting. There is flexibility within this, however, we do want to keep coming back to the foundations of the routine and the structure, to be able to maintain/ develop/ adapt and give flexibility when required. The Routine taught also has room for adjustments throughout the various stages of development with your baby. So it grows with your baby. The methodology and approach also gives you the parents a solid foundation to help you adjust to family life with your new baby.
  • Why do you follow the structured routine approach?
    We follow and encourage this approach, because we know it works. We have insight and in depth knowledge of how to implement/ adjust/maintain and adapt the structured routine. We have worked doing exactly this for the last 19 years with great success. We have worked with families with children now up to the age of 8 and can see how our original structured routine approach has benefited every aspect of their lives. We have lived in with families who were not following this approach and within 24 hrs of implementing changes they could see a huge difference in their baby's/ toddlers behaviour. What does this mean? By following this approach we can: Help you to understand your new-born's needs and meet them. Help you to be confident in your parenting. Teach you the foundations required to set up and maintain a successful routine which grows and develops with you and your baby, helping you over any bumps in the road. Teach you how to adapt the routine.
  • Why should I follow a structured routine?
    You are able to follow any method of parenting you choose. We here at My Happy Newborn Baby follow and teach a structured routine approach. We know that this works as we have been doing this for the past 19 years with excellent results. Because we have extensive knowledge of the routine and how to adjust/ develop/ implement from various ages etc we know we can help to improve whatever the issue is you are facing. If you choose to book with us or join us for any of our courses/ blogs/ remote coaching, you will find that we have an extensive knowledge and understanding of babies development, and that the routine approach is a good option to invest in. The benefits of a structured routine: Baby settles well Baby feels secure and knows what is coming next, so is a happy baby. You are meeting all of baby's needs so there is no need for baby to be constantly fussing. You have lovely awake times focusing on play rather than focusing on why baby is fussing. You get an evening and time to yourself throughout the day. You get a better nights sleep. There is No 4 month regression. Baby grows up to be a strong and independent toddler, with less tantrums/ frustration. Establishing a routine early on, ensures that the routine times fit in with family life- nursery drop offs/ school drop offs/ breakfast / lunch and dinner. Having a structured routine actually gives you more freedom in the long run, you are able to plan more with your days knowing what time baby will feed/ sleep/ be awake. Having an established and structured routine means there is flexibility in the day to day. Having a structured routine also means that there is flexibility as baby grows and develops, the routine develops and adjusts with baby. we hope this has helped.
  • Does having a structured routine mean leaving my baby to cry?
    Let's set a few myths straight right here, The short answer to this question is NO To be clear: babies' only form of communication is to cry. Your baby will cry no matter what approach you use. Your baby will cry no matter how much you rock / demand feed/cuddle/carry etc if you are not meeting babies' needs they will continue to communicate that through the only way they know how, by crying. Having a structured routine means: Having a structure that works with family life, as baby develops and grows, and having the routine foundations in place makes it easier for baby to transition into times and routines that already exist in your daily life for example: Breakfast/ lunch/dinner/ bedtime. Understanding and knowing your baby's cues and signals and how to help baby. Meeting your baby's needs. so there is less crying. Bonding with your baby, because you are communicating and understanding them. communicating with your newborn/baby/ because you understand how to. Feeling confident in your choices, because you have the knowledge. knowing how to adapt and adjust the routine when needed. Giving your baby the security they need. Freedom to plan your daily life with the knowledge that your baby will be happy because all their needs are met. Freedom to have time to yourself and with your partner. What having a Structured routine does NOT mean: you cannot bond with your baby You leave baby to cry for long periods. Cannot cuddle your baby Cannot pick up your crying baby Cannot breastfeed your baby Cannot have a life Can never leave the house. These are all Myths. Parents who have followed the structured routine approach have been committed and happy to follow this approach because they can see it works. It actually gives them more freedom by following this approach.
  • How can I contact you?
    There are several ways to contact us. Drop us a message through our chat button Drop us an email Goto our Contact us Page and fill in the form Book a discovery Call. Drop us a message through our FB Group ( if you are a member) Drop us a message on our Facebook page. We have made it very easy with lots of options to contact us, we usually will come back to you within 1 working day.
  • How long does a discovery Call take and whats involved?
    usually our discovery calls take between 30-45 mins, we try and keep them short and to the point. what's involved: You book a discovery call with you preferred chosen time and day, As long as we are able to we will call you ( this is subject to availability) we then have a discussion about your chosen queries. Usually lasts 30 mins. Occasionally we may go over time, so please be prepared to make time for the phone call. Just so you know if this is about the Welcome Home package or The coming home package- we will require personal information from you such as EDD/ Natural or C-sec Birth. If you want a discovery call for The Remote coaching, we will require history of baby / babies (if Twins) and what issues you are facing. This needs to be as detailed as possible so we can access what the best course of action would be for you and which package would suit you best. If you decide to book a package we will then be emailing you all the details and next steps.
  • Why do your Forms ask for so many details?
    Our Booking Forms and Contact Forms require all the fields answered. Lets have a look at why: Your First and Last Name: we have so many enquiries we want to ensure we are talking to the right person about the right subject. Email: Without your email address we are unable to send or communicate any discussions/ information/ free gifts ect that we have for you. Telephone: To ensure that we are able to give you the right experience, and tailor your package to you, we need to discuss this is detail, and we love chatting! Expecting Parent/ First time parent: We would like to be able to discuss the correct package for where you are in your journey, so this is important. EDD/ Age of Baby: This lets us know how we can help you and what package would work best for you, it also means that we can tailor certain Blogs/ tips for success and posts that will be the most relevant to you and make your experience with us a bespoke and personal one. Agreeing to Website Terms: This is to ensure you have read, understood and agree to the terms of service before we talk, it gets the boring bits out the way. Agreeing to Privacy Policy: The privacy policy is in place to help you and us, so this is required to be agreed before we discuss anything. ReCAPTCHA: Obviously we want to make sure you are human! Hope this helps.
  • Your Photo's are lovely, please tell me who the photographer was?
    Thank you for your question On Our website / All social Media platforms/ All Blogs/ Written articles containing photos. We use either our Website Providers Photo's Our Own Photos Unsplash Photos Google Images. If there is a particular photo you would like information on which we have used, if we are able to we are happy to give shout outs to the photographer who took the photo, so please let us know which photo it was. If the Photo was from our Website provider, we are unable to give you the name of the photographer as they will have been from stock photo's which we have access to as part of our paid subscription. All photo's used are subject to copyright laws.
  • If I Live outside the UK, what Packages are available for me?
    We are based in the UK All packages are available for our clients in the UK Mainland. Please bear in mind that if you live in Scotland / Ireland/ Wales that certain packages require additional Travel costs, please ensure you read through the Terms and conditions of each booking carefully. If you Live in Europe: You will have access to the following Packages: The Blog Subscription The Subscribed Membership (Bear in mind if we hold events/meet ups/ they will be held in the UK) The Remote Coaching and support package The Online Baby and Me Course. (once launched) If you are interested in The Coming Home Package / The Welcome Home package These will incur additional travel costs. (We will open up to our European client at certain times of the year.) If You live Further Afield Our international clients have access to: The subscribed Membership The Blog Subscription please bear in mind that if we have social meet ups/ Events they will at present be held in the UK. However we are working on setting up a Zoom social event once we are more established, so when we launch this would be available to our international clients. The Remote Coaching and consultancy support package. Please read through the Terms and conditions of the individual Packages which will be emailed to you at the point of booking, Or Book a discovery call to discuss.
  • If I live outside the UK am I able to still book a discovery call?
    Yes absolutely. If you live outside the uk, we will arrange for a day and agreed time ( which works for both our time zones) The call will either be Zoom/ Whats app/ Internet based. Just use the Contact us form below and we will come back to you.
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