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The Baby Hub Cafe

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The Baby Hub Cafe

The Baby Hub Cafe is the place to be if you want clear and consistent advice if you want guidance and support from a maternity coach with 30 years of childcare experience, 19 years with newborns.

The place where you can learn and grow and develop with your baby on this incredible journey of motherhood, with other women around you who follow the same parenting approach. 

Where you gain friends who follow your same parenting ideals.

Image by Hannah Busing

Reasons for Joining

In the Baby Hub cafe,

you not only get the support of a professional Maternity coach, 

You get to meet and connect with First-time parents just like you, from all over the country

who want the same goals as you as a parent,

that is to be able to understand and communicate with their baby.

To be able to read and understand their baby's cues and signals and be able to help them.

To be able to have an evening together.

Who are looking to implement a solid routine, that works with family life, is adaptable, and develops and evolves as their baby does.

Who would like to know what to do when little hurdles arise.

They want to understand and help their baby through their developmental leaps.

They want guidance and support from a professional who has walked and lived in their shoes.

They want to learn and grow with a consistent approach that works. 

They want continuity from one team, who have the knowledge to get them through the tricky bits and celebrate with them the Great bits. 

through our Membership you get all this and more, join us and open up to a world of knowledge and support. 

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Join today

Become a subscribed Member to gain access to The Baby Hub Cafe. 


 A community of like-minded individuals, who can gain ongoing support

from a maternity coach professional. 

In the Baby Hub Cafe,

you will have access to  Lives/ Q&As/mini-course sessions/ Blog Focus Groups/ Monthly masterclasses. / 

Image by Sincerely Media
The Baby Hub Cafe

Your place to go and learn all about your newborn baby in a warm and welcoming environment

With a community of like-minded individuals who are happy to be working towards a Parent Led 

 approach to parenting.

and with the ongoing support of a professional maternity coach.

Designed for Expectant first-time parents. 

This is where we discuss everything newborn and baby, 

  we inform and educate and impart our knowledge through years of experience to help our New clients build confidence and understanding of their newborns so that they can build a happy family life.

If you become a subscribed member to our website

you gain access to our Baby Hub Cafe community of like-minded first-time parents,

who are happy with a structured and routine approach to parenting.

the same ideals of parenting as you do.  

you will have access to our maternity services, guidance, and support programs

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Mini coaching sessions

 we will be running mini-coaching sessions,

 By joining our regular  mini-sessions in Our Private Facebook Group, 

you will be able to: 

Prepare for your Newborn

Have a good understanding of how to create a daily pattern.

Understand your Newborns Behaviours

Understand your baby's cries

Understand your Newborn's sleep patterns.

Set a structured and workable Feeding schedule.

set and establish a structured sleeping routine.

understand how to successfully top and tail/Bathe baby safely.

Gain confidence in everything newborn.

plan to establish a solid Routine that works well in family life. 

understand how to effectively communicate with your baby. 

Never have to call in a sleep consultant.

Join us today

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