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The Welcome Home Program

 The Welcome Home Program
Booking being taken For June 2024

Before the Baby Arrives Home, put in place a program that can support you through the 

first Month with your Newborn,  

We are Unique in our approach, 

We offer an all-around Bespoke program,

we look at the whole picture.  

we teach you how to get into good habits and have the knowledge and confidence to do this without

the need for live-in help / Night nanny/sleep consultant.

we help you to reduce the need for a sleep coach / Night Nanny. 

A bespoke package tailored to New Mums.

We realise that Midwives at the moment are very stretched and not able to do as many home visits as they used to. 

This program is ideal for expectant First-time parents

Booking is in advance of the Baby's Birth. 

  The maternity consultant comes in for 1  day if Singletons and 2  days if twins 

 we will teach you feeding/ winding/ settling /swaddling, 

 and routine techniques to help you get started 

the following 5/6 days will be supported remotely/via WhatsApp app/Facetime/zoom. 

This gives First-time Mums a great start. 

Newborn Baby
Parent and Child

Why Choose Us? 

We have extensive knowledge and understanding of newborn babies and what it takes to look after them 24 hours a day,

we have worked over the past 18 years with countless midwives/ Breast Feeding consultants/ doctors in hospitals and GPS

with a very well-rounded knowledge and understanding of babies' behavior, and development.

we have experienced a variety of different scenarios with countless newborn singletons and 23 sets of Twins,

we have an in-depth understanding of how babies develop and we understand how they communicate,

we have 30 yrs combined experience working in the childcare sector and maternity sector

with mums in all different situations.

We know how to get a newborn baby and twins into a structured routine, sleeping through., sleeping well during the day, and how to adapt to the routine.

We understand Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weaning from breast to bottle, combination feeding, bottle refusal,

and weaning onto solids, feeding issues.

we have experience with Premature and early/ small for dates / and low birth weight babies. We also have experience with Reflux and silent reflux / Tongue-tie as well as other health issues, which may occur in the first few weeks/months.

What's Involved?  How does it work?

This program is ideal for expectant First-time parents

who are looking to set in place a workable Routine that works well and develops with family life. Booking is in advance of the Baby's Birth. 

Here's How it works:

This is a 1-week program.

  •   The maternity consultant comes in for 1 day if Singletons

and 2 days if twins. 

  •  We work with you, demonstrating and teaching you feeding/ winding/ settling /swaddling and safe sleep practice. 

  • We leave you with a plan to work with, and routine techniques to help you get started. 

  • The following 5/6 days will be supported remotely/via WhatsApp app/Facetime/zoom. 

  • We then have a follow-up aftercare call.

  • Add-ons and other supportive packages are available for ongoing support. 

Parent and Child
What is Covered in the Program?

Areas Covered in  The Welcome Home Program?. 


 Breast or bottle or combination. 


Effective winding techniques. 


Use of swaddle,

helpful tips to ensure baby settles well.

safe sleep practice

Top and Tail: 

How to do a top and tail.

Useful techniques to make it a calm experience for you and your baby. 


 How to effectively communicate with your baby. Understanding newborn's development.  


How to implement the techniques and approach to settle into a pattern during those first crucial weeks Home with your newborn. 

How does this Program
Help me?

During this 1 week's Program, we work together to guide and teach you and support you with your newborn,                                    

we cover the following areas of babycare



we teach you the fundamentals of feeding your newborn baby Breast or bottle or combination. correct positioning, Latching, attachment, Bottle feeding positioning, and essentials for a smooth feed with baby.                                                                                                                    Winding                   

                   Teaching effective winding techniques to help baby stay settled/sleep well and be happy.                                                  


Safe sleep practice knowledge/ use of swaddle/ how to settle baby.  

 Top and tail:

How to give that first wash, handle your baby with confidence, so you have a calm and happy baby.


We help you to communicate more effectively with your newborn. so you can understand each other, we teach you Baby's cues and signals, what their cries mean, and what they are telling you.



We give you the tools and guidance you need to start you on your way to getting into a pattern so that you know what to expect, we teach you how to understand your newborn so that you can both have an enjoyable time together and essentially this will help your baby to settle.

For the remainder of the week you are supported Remotely through WhatsApp app messages, and regular video calls, We send through all plans/ notes/ helpful guides to help you get a firm footing in your first week home with your newborn. We leave all our clients with a plan to help them continue and put in place what we have covered together.

We leave our clients feeling confident and knowledgeable. 

We offer ongoing support after the package has ended, add ons are available as are our other programs. 

Mother in Love
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