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Website Terms and Conditions

These are our Website Terms and Conditions.

Each Booking/ Program/ Subscriptions/Memberships has its own Policies and Terms and Conditions, please read them in the Program  Terms and Conditions. 

we look forward to working with you/ guiding and supporting you, however, we just need to draw your attention to our Website Terms and Conditions. 

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Website Terms and Conditions

Website Terms & Conditions


In the Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply:


  • ‘Maternity Coach’ Refers to person/persons who have years of experience in their field of working with newborns/ babies/ Toddlers/children.

  • ‘Client’ refers to any person who has completed all relevant forms, paid for a subscription/ membership/ blog/ purchased a program/ Paid for one of the Online Baby and Me courses or other programs offered. 

  • All References in the Terms and Conditions to sessions or workshops or courses/coaching sessions are interchangeable in meaning.

  • All written notes/articles/blogs/tips for success/written advice is copyrighted to - All Written documents remain the intellectual property of

  • MHNB is the abbreviation and refers to My Happy Newborn Baby. 

Email Contact:

By Giving your email address to MHNB through any of the Forms submitted on this website or any of the FB groups/ Landing Pages/ Form submissions linked to MHNB, You are agreeing/agreeing to  These Terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy.

Both of these can be found on every page of the website and through links on each Submission form/ Landing Page/Opt-in page/ Payment page.

You agree at the time of submitting the Form you were made aware of and had access to read these Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy. 

You are agreeing that:

MHNB has permission to Email you with Newsletters.

MHNB has permission to  Email you and send relevant documentation to packages present and future.

MHNB has permission to  Email you with relevant Invoices for services agreed.

MHNB Has permission to Email you with advice/ guidance/ summaries of coaching sessions present and future.

MHNB Has permission to  Email you with Discount codes/ coupons/ relevant offers present and future.

MHNB has permission to Email you with any relevant contracts/ forms for signature, per the Terms and conditions of each program offered. 

MHNB has permission to Email you and maintain contact with you for the Present and Future.

You have the right to cancel this permission at any time by opting out of the permissions.  reserves the right to vary and revoke the Terms and Conditions from time to time which variation it may consider necessary or desirable for the regulation of the affairs and the conduct of Clients. Any such changes will be notified to Clients and, until revoked, are and will be legally binding on Clients.

The following Programs/ Services and Courses all hold individual Terms and conditions, clients will be sent a link to the  Bookings terms and conditions to see these terms and conditions.

  • Online Courses Baby and Me coaching courses.

  • The Welcome Home Program

  • The Coming Home Program

  • The Remote Coaching and support program

  • The Ultimate Newborn Baby Layette List program

  • The Bump and Beyond Baby Care Program.

  • Membership



  • ‘The Client’ Once at the point of purchase must agree to The Disclaimer / All Terms and Conditions/ plans policies set out in all relevant programs/ plans/ memberships and Bookings.

  • In addition, ‘The Client’ Is required to Sign a contract of the agreement if purchasing any of the following: The Welcome Home Program/ The Coming Home Program/ The Remote Coaching and Support Program/ The Ultimate Newborn Layette List program/ Online Courses/  this includes All future programs. Named or otherwise.

  • My Happy is a public-facing name for All consultancies and Coaching/ teaching support and programs offered to the ‘client’.

  • All Remote coaching sessions must be paid for in advance. Exception Option B and C that have installment plans.

  • Installment Plans will have set payment dates, if 'the client' fails to make the following payments to conclude the installment plan then all further advice/ summaries /plans and future aftercare calls will be canceled. 

  • All Ultimate Layette List programs must be paid for in advance.

  • Payment should be made via those set out on the website unless otherwise agreed in advance through another payment method.

  • Cheques are not accepted any longer.

  • PayPal/ Bank Transfer/ Payment through by Credit/Debit card are all accepted payment methods. This applies to all products/ programs/ services/ Physical Products/ Intellectual written products/ courses/ masterclasses/Subscription membership OR Blog.


Cancellations and refunds:


  • please read through the policy Terms and conditions of each program/ service/ course as well as the booking terms and conditions/policies for more detail.

  •   Deposits are non-refundable for the following packages: The Welcome Home Program/ The Coming Home Program/ The Ultimate Newborn Layette list program/ Future programs: Bump and Beyond care program/all future programs.

  • There is a 14-day cooling-off period applied to the following programs: The Welcome Home program/The Coming Home program/ The Ultimate Newborn Layette List programs.                   

  • The Remote Coaching and Support Programs are non-refundable. The client is required to pay for their sessions, up to 3 days prior to the session, 72hrs.

  • The Client has 2 working days to cancel the agreement from the point the Payment has been made, the payment is refunded to the Client within these 2 working days, However after this time the Payment becomes Nonrefundable.

  • The client can give up to 24 hrs' notice to cancel the session, however, if the session falls within the 24 hrs of commencement, the payment is non-refundable.

  • The Session will then be rescheduled.                                 

  • In the event, that a Remote coaching and support session needs to be canceled by the Maternity coach, as much notice as possible will be provided to the Client. and a session will be re-arranged.


Complaints procedure

  • Any complaints must be made in writing to  

  • MHNB will respond in writing within 14 working days. With complaints procedure protocols.


MHNB and Clients Responsibilities.

  • Clients are advised, that MHNB Holds no responsibility for the health and welfare of the Client / OR the Client's Child/Children as a result or misunderstanding of the advice given.

  • The client is solely responsible for their own health / Medical conditions/ Mental health and well-being as well as that of their Baby/babies. MHNB holds no responsibility for the client's actions.

  • MHNB strongly advises all their clients to seek medical professional help if they consider themselves or their Child to need it. MHNB and all its employees/coaches can only make suggestions.

  • If MHNB has made suggestions that the Baby/ Mother should be seen/ taken to a doctor/pediatrician and the client has not followed this advice, while this is the client’s choice as the parent if it later transpires that there was a health issue, MHNB (any of MHNB employees) are not in any way held liable for the outcome.

  • Clients must inform MHNB / the Maternity Coach of any changes to their health and medical condition, including illness and surgery, this also includes the Baby/babies, without this knowledge we are unable to give the correct advice. If the Client has failed to inform the Maternity Coach/MHNB (or any employee of MHNB) That there has been a change in medical conditions/ illness/ circumstance MHNB is not held liable or responsible.

  • Through participating in The Remote Coaching sessions Clients accept responsibility for their own actions.

  • Clients must agree to the Disclaimer as laid out on the website.

  • Clients are responsible for reading and agreeing to our Privacy Policy, before the commencement of a Program/ Service.

  • Clients must agree to all Terms and conditions laid out on the website as well as the agreed contract, before commencement of any Program.  All contracts are covered by UK Contract Law.

  • It is the responsibility of the client to have all up-to-date COVID vaccinations, any client who has not been vaccinated will not be viable to book the following programs where visits are included: The Welcome Home Program/ The Coming Home Program/ The Ultimate Newborn Baby list programs/ Bump, and beyond Baby care program.

  • MHNB reserves the right to refuse to work with any client without prejudice.

  • MHNB reserves the right to cancel any session/ sessions/ visits if any of the Terms and conditions have been breached. If any Contract terms have been breached/ If any monies have not been paid.

  • MHNB follows strict guidelines on safeguarding Babies. 

  • All coaches who work for MHNB present or future, will have undergone safeguarding training.

  • All coaches have a duty of care to the baby/babies/children they are working with. 


Personal Data

  • We are committed to protecting your personal data. Any personal data will be collected and stored following the European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018.

  • Personal medical and health information is collected to provide the best possible advice and service and will be held for 2Yrs.

  • Some personal data may be stored for up to 7 (seven) years for regulatory and potential referral purposes.

  • Once data is no longer required it will be anonymized and/or destroyed following GDPR.

  • It is the client's responsibility to Read and agree to the privacy policy set out in this website.

Copyright 21/3/2024

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