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Time to Relax

Our Monthly Blog is a great time for you to relax and have a read-through, digest, and build a library of advice for you to start your journey with your newborn baby. 

Written by a Professional Maternity Coach who has worked as a Maternity nurse for over 19 yrs. 

Unique Approach
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A unique approach, included in your Blog subscription,  Our focus group chats happen Monthly, via Zoom. It is a chance to ask those burning questions about the Blog/ subject in question. 

We delve deeper into the content and from this, you gain a better understanding of the subject to help you on your journey with your newborn.

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So Much more than Just a Blog

With our Blog, not only are you getting up-to-date and relevant advice, from a maternity coach with 19 yrs experience, backed up by research from other professional organisations, but you are also gaining access to  Our Monthly focus chats, where we discuss the most recent blog and its contents in depth, giving you additional support and advice.

Holding your hand every step of the way

Our Monthly Blog Will cover everything relevant to Baby care -

Newborn Knowhow - Communication/signals/ learning to understand each other.

Feeding- Breast and Bottle/ Combination/Weaning Breast to bottle/ 

Sleeping- establishing Healthy sleep habits/ safe sleep practices/ Factors to help with newborns sleeping/ sleep issues

Routine: establishing a Routine early on/ adapting a routine/ illness and the routine/ The structured routine/ developmental progress and how to change the routine. 

All areas of Babycare- How to handle your newborn/ establishing a pattern/ Bathing/ Winding techniques/ Swaddling/ Illness and signals to watch out for.

Developmental milestones/ how to help baby develop/ Toys for baby/ Stimulation and Baby/ 

sneak peek... whats in our blog... 

snippets of what's in our blog... 

Bringing Home baby to a Family Dog. 

                     Dog and Baby Bonding:  

It is important for your dog to bond with your baby and see the baby as part of the pack and family, Allow the dog to smell and lick baby's feet/ hand/ smell baby - this may seem yucky to you, however to your dog, the baby is part of the pack and it's important to show your dog, that the tiny bundle is to be treated as important. yes, you don't want the dog to lick the baby's face and you need to ensure the dog listens if you say no - however constantly shooing the dog away is not going to help, as the dog will become jealous of the baby. So allow your dog to sit and they can smell and be part of the baby's day. 

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Settling your newborn baby to sleep. 

3) Wind well ( burping):

Wind - is one of the major contributing factors to why newborns find it hard to settle to sleep. So ensure you have done everything to help your newborn expel their wind. Before trying to settle them to sleep.

It is good practice to wind baby before the feed, during the feed, and again at the end, and also to Wind again when they are just about to go to sleep. 

A lot of new mums are also wrongly misinformed that a breastfed baby does not have wind, This is not true, a breastfed baby can have just as much wind as a bottle-fed baby if not more, take into account what mum has eaten, as this has a huge impact on baby's wind. 

Want to know what else helps?
Weaning Tips
baby weaning ice cubes.jpg

 Weaning your baby onto Solid foods can seem very scary, however with the correct knowledge, guidance, and support we can guide you through this exciting and fun part of your baby's growth and development and another easy step in your journey, with your baby to the next phase of their life. 

Root Veg is the way to go with the first tastes of veg - this way baby does not get hooked on the sweetness of the fruit.

Carrot, Parsnips, potato, Swede, Peas, Broccoli, Cauliflower, butternut squash.

First Fruit: Avocado, Pear, Apple, Peaches, Nectarines, Blueberries, Raspberries

These are all good first foods to get you going, healthy, and easy to cook


A hand blender is fine if you don't have a food processor, or have no room for one. 

For more Tips on how to successfully wean your baby onto solid food, with no disturbance to their sleep, subscribe to our Blog To read the full article.. 
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