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The Coming Home Program

Opening Our Doors

We will be opening our doors for this Program from September 2024

Our Doors will be open From September 2024 and will close October 2024

the doors will be open for 2 Months, You are able to Make a booking for Any Month, however, the doors will close in October 2024. This Program will be opened twice a year. 

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The Coming Home Program

Before the Baby Arrives Home, put in place a program that can support you through the 

first Month with your Newborn,  

We are Unique in our approach, 

We offer an all-around Bespoke program,

we look at the whole picture.  

we teach you how to get into good habits and have the knowledge and confidence to do this without

the need for a live-in help / Night nanny/troubleshooter,

we help you to reduce the need for a sleep coach / Night Nanny. 

A bespoke package tailored to First-time Mums.

We realise that Midwives at the moment are very stretched and not able to do as many home visits as they used to. 

We also realise that New Parents need a lot of support with finding friends too - which is why when you book the program you will also get access to our Private  FB community group for first-time parents -

 where you can connect with other parents going through similar issues as well as receive ongoing support from us. 

 unlike other groups, our group members are supported by professionals who can guide them along the way.

Parent and Child
Why  Choose Us ?

we have lived with hundreds of different families and babies,  ​prem / small or dates / Reflux / silent reflux/ Jaundice  Breastfed /  Bottle-fed / Combination Fed. 

From the 1st day home with baby/ babies and what that means...

We know what is important in the first few weeks of coming home with a baby and we are here to support you.

 ( whatever you're going through ) 

We have extensive knowledge and understanding of newborn babies and what it takes to look after them 24 hours a day

   We have experience with Premature and early/ small for dates / and low birth weight babies.         

      We also have experience with Reflux and silent reflux / Tongue-tie as well as other health issues, which may occur in the first few weeks/months        

  •  We have worked over the past 19 years with countless midwives/ Breast Feeding consultants/ doctors in hospitals and GPS with a very well-rounded knowledge and understanding of babies' behavior, and development.
  • We have experienced a variety of different scenarios with countless newborn singletons and 24 sets of Twins, we have an in-depth understanding of how babies develop and we understand how they communicate,
  • We have 33 yrs combined experience of working in the childcare sector and the maternity sector with mums in all different situations.
  • We know how to get a newborn baby and twins into a structured routine, sleeping through., sleeping well during the day, and how to adapt to the routine.
  • We understand Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, weaning from breast to bottle, combination feeding, bottle refusal, and feeding issues.

Whats Involved?

We are here to offer support and guidance for you in the first four weeks of being home with your Newborn,

 Each week we build on the knowledge from the previous week and teach you everything you need to know to continue your journey with your baby with confidence and understanding. 

  • Week 1: Learning and getting to grips with everything Feeding/winding/sleeping /establishing a pattern to make things a little easier.

  • Week 2: We Start to establish a feeding pattern and bring some aspects of a routine into the day-to-day to help bring stability into your days/ nights. 

  • Week 3: now we are in a pattern, we can bring in aspects of a structured routine to help structure your days and nights. 

  • week 4: Arming you with an understanding of your baby's needs and confidence to carry on by yourself. Leaving you with plans and a schedule to work with for the next few weeks.

  • This program Includes Day visits. 

  • We work with Singletons and Twins. 

  • We are Taking Bookings for October 2023

  • Leaving you feeling confident and knowledgeable.

  • Safe sleep advice and effective sleep-time advice.

  • Breastfeeding/bottle feeding methods and how to continue with confidence.

  • Includes a follow-up Zoom/What's App progress session, to see how you are getting on.

  • Ongoing support is then available if required.

  • Extra coaching support add-ons. 

  • Your maternity consultant will leave you with plans to help you to continue by yourself.

  • Terms and conditions apply. 

What is covered?

 This program is designed to help first-time parents in the first Month with their newborn at home, who want to implement more structure into their day.

we deliver a variety of different learning options including as mentioned above day  visits/ Remote support/ Fb community advice/ ongoing support, 

Areas covered in The Coming Home program are:

Baby Kit List everything you need for the 1st few months with your newborn, feeding- breast or bottle

winding- great techniques to get all that wind-up and avoid 'Colic'

settling baby/ sleep solutions/safe sleep practice, Avoiding making mistakes in the beginning, so you reduce the need for a night nanny/ sleep consultant. 

Planning to establish a structured routine

Troubleshooting, The most common problems, and how to correct them.

What to do when the baby won't settle.

Checklists and safety protocols to help you get through the day-to-day. 

Development and social contact, understanding your baby,

Understanding your newborn's cries, All things Newborn. 

ongoing support for the first month home with the baby. 

How will the Program help me ? 

When you purchase any of our programs you are opening the door to a wealth of knowledge and support.

Our support is available throughout the first year with your little one if you would like it. 

we not only have the knowledge we have lived the experience too.

We teach and Guide all our new clients, to Understand and be knowledgeable, about all aspects of their babies' development and journey.

We help our clients to gain confidence in themselves so they can be confident while growing up with their Babies. 

Our Highly experienced Maternity consultants will teach 


  • understanding baby's poop 

  •    Understanding baby's cries.

  • Jaundice, how to recognise it, and how to treat it. ​

  • Baby's fontanel and what is normal.   Baby's temperature when to be concerned. 

                   Feeding and Winding: 

  • Feeding issues - Breast/bottle/combination/ expressing   / Winding Techniques. 

  • Baby falling asleep and not feeding.  ​

​        Sleep: 

  • Sleep issues: Baby not sleeping/ baby not waking/  Safe sleep practice.

  • Settling baby to sleep.

  • How to Implement a workable sleep pattern, which will help when ready for routine. 

  • Safe room temperature.



          setting up a pattern/ loose routine to help you get going.

  • How to communicate with your Baby. 

Mother and Newborn
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