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What we offer

We are so pleased to share with you what we offer,

we have a wide range of programs on offer for Our First-time Mums. 

All our programs offer support and guidance through the first year of your baby's life. 

Have a look around, if you have any questions either check out our FAQs 

Or Contact Us. 

check out our

Membership subscription

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Be part of a community of first-time mums who have the same parenting approach as you. 


This Monthly Newsletter is full of insights and updates/ News and Top Tips by Tess

( Our CEO)  News on Latest Blogs and Focus chats as well as upcoming Mini workshops / Lives/ Q&A sessions. 

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Our Lovely Sleep guide is our gift to you for joining us. 

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Newborn Sleep solutions

The Essential Sleep Hacks for a blissful night's rest. 


Little Explorers guide

From Tummy time to Pulling up.

Safely navigating Adventures for little Explorers. 

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Explore our Blog a little more,

all areas of care and dvelopment covered from Newborn to 1 yrs old

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Membership subscription

Explore our Membership subscription a little more

This supportive membership gives you access to a whole host of benefits. 


Remote Coaching and consultancy support 

Taking Bookings Now


Remote coaching and consultancy support.

It's like having a virtual maternity nurse with you...

holding your hand every step of the way, through those tricky milestones

We Can Help

We off the Solution through our 

Remote Coaching and support programs.

Whether you are expecting or you already have a Newborn/ Baby we offer Remote coaching for All parents with babies from Newborn to Age 1 YR. 

Questions about The first few days home with baby?

What to pack in your Hospital Bag?

What to expect in the first few weeks?

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding advice.

Has baby fallen out of Routine?

Want to start establishing a routine? 

Do you want to get into more of a regular pattern with your newborn? 

Need advice about combination feeding? 

Need advice about bottle feeding? 


Is your baby not sleeping?

Are you needing help with Breastfeeding?

Is your baby not feeding?

Struggling to put baby down to sleep? 

Baby not sleeping more than 45 mins?

Up with baby until 10 pm? 

Maybe baby is refusing bottles?

Maybe you need advice for a Reflux baby?

Do you need help weaning from Breast to bottle?

Do you need help Weaning baby onto solids? 


The Coming Home  Program 

Taking bookings August  2024

              We Only open our Books for this  Support twice a year. 

 Looking for support for the first-month baby is home from the Hospital? 


We have seen that a lack of support in the very early days can cause extra stress for first-time mums.

With staff strikes, visits from the Midwives becoming few and far between. 

We offer the solution:

1 month of support. 

In-person visits to get you started, followed by ongoing remote coaching and support. 

progress sessions. ongoing support after. 

 Zoom/ what's app calls with a professional and experienced maternity consultant who can guide you through the first month at home with your baby, someone on the end of the phone who can give advice and support, someone who knows you and your baby, who has been through what you are going through - Hundreds of times  -not just once or twice !! 

We feel that there is not enough support out there for first-time parents and we know we can help and we want to help.

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The Welcome Home Program

Taking bookings June 2024


We Only Open Our books for

this support twice a year. 

Are you  looking for support in the first week when the baby arrives home from the hospital?

Looking for breastfeeding support?

like to know how to get your new born into a routine?

we can help

We offer the solution:

Our program is ideal for first-time parents, who maybe don't have family near or don't have a support network.

we teach you all about your new born, covering all aspects of baby care in the first crucial few weeks to help you gain knowledge and confidence... 

This is a 7-day support program with one Day visit./ two for twins.

so you don't have to leave your home and you don't have to have someone live in the whole time.  

We teach you and give you the tools to have the confidence to implement it yourself. 

We can help with everything new born

feeding breast/ Bottle /combination Settling to sleep, swaddling Handling your new born

Routine and how to establish one, Top and Tailing/ nappies and Bathing,

Layette advice and demonstration  leaving you with plans to continue by yourself,

ongoing support is available. 


The Ultimate Newborn Layette List Program

taking Bookings From

 June/ July 2024

We Only Open Our Books for this

Support twice a year


This is our Ultimate Newborn Layette List program, 

An essential Kit list program for Expectant first-time parents.

Set up 4-6  weeks before your EDD.

This is not just a list, this program incorporates, a fun Discovery Day, held in lovely hotels with  a maternity coach who has 19 years of experience of working with babies 

We are here to take the stress out of buying for your new-born and for mummy too.

We offer the solution: 

Our Ultimate new-born layette List  Program is one of a kind

from a maternity coach with more than 19 years of working with new-borns/ Prems/ Twins/ Early/ Low birth weight/ small for dates babies. 


Option A: 

The Ultimate Newborn Layette List program.

    Option B:

 The Ultimate Newborn Layette list program

Discovery Day inc

Option C:

0-3 (includes Hospital Kit List)

/3-6 (includes Weaning Kit List) 


9-12 mths

1X Kit Lists Consultaion

Q& A session

1Xprogress Call. 

Have questions? 
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Baby and Me
 Remote coaching Courses
Baby and Me  Remote Courses. 

We are working on getting  our online courses up and running... dates  TBC

Baby and Me

Online Course.

These courses cover all aspects of baby care and everything you need to start your journey with your newborn with confidence and understanding. 







We will let you know when we are ready to launch. 

Bump and Beyond Baby Care program 
Baby Bump and Beyond
Care program

This is going to be our most comprehensive program,  all aspects of baby care from Birth up to 1 yr of age.

(dependent on which one you take out)

with over 19 years of experience and 30 years combined experience of working with Newborns in the maternity sector

and 18 yrs of working in the childcare sector. 

 we can hold your hand every step of the way from Birth to 1 yr. 

ongoing support through a range of different packages/teaching/advice/ coaching.

Leaving you with confidence and knowledge. 

We will let you know the launch date..

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