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The Remote Coaching and Support Programme

Remote Coaching and Support Programmes

Our Remote Coaching/consultancy programme: 

Are you expecting a Baby/twins/ triplets? 

Congratulations, how exciting, babies bring such joy and wonder to a family.  

 They can also bring unexpected challenges.

We are here to offer support and help to those who may not have family around, whose families live too far away who need a little confidence boost and a little more sleep, and who would like to be able to understand and communicate with their babies. 

We have extensive experience and knowledge about everything baby and baby care-related.

Our Consultancy coaching sessions and one-to-one support sessions are available now. 

If you would like to chat through your needs and like the idea of our online coaching/one-to-one sessions

 and you're looking for someone to listen to you and support you and give you solutions then this is the service for you!

Parent and Child
Why Choose Us?

We have 19 years of experience working with newborns and 30 yrs combined experience working in Childcare.

There is a lot of free information out there on the internet, but it's all very contradictory and there is no follow-up support with that when the advice you have decided to follow goes wrong or doesn't help, 

we provide ongoing support

we provide a follow-up aftercare call.

By choosing us you will be talking to consultants who have worked with hundreds of different families in similar situations to what you're going through.

We have lived with New parents working 24 hrs a day, 5/6 days a week up to 4/6/8/10 weeks up to 2 yrs, 

 we also have worked for a few families on an ongoing basis from newborn to 7 yrs and counting 

 so we do understand how challenging it can be to have a newborn/ Toddler/ more than one child/ Twins. 

we can help you...

 Introductory Call:

we will chat about what's going on with baby/ babies, what areas you are looking for help with taking an in-depth history of baby/ies and you, how you're doing, and what your goals are.

2, Zoom /WhatsApp app Video Call:

This is followed by a Zoom/  or WhatsApp session/ video call, discussing in detail how to put goals into action to help you, at a time that fits around you and your baby/family.

don't worry if there are interruptions from the baby, we can always re-schedule.


when choosing options A B C we will discuss a schedule for the whole period of the package.

Flexibility is the keyword here. 

option A - 1 week

Option B - 3 weeks

Option C - 6 weeks

3, Summary, and Plans:

we will send through by email a summary of the issues raised and discussed, with plans of how to achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

4, After Care Call:

We then have an aftercare call to see how you're getting on and if any further tweaks need to be implemented.

Further tips and advice are available if needed.

How does it work/ What's involved? 
Parent and Child
Remote Coaching and support

Advice on everything baby
Newborn to 1 yrs old. 

How to Avoid ' Colic' Sypmtoms

Baby Refusing feeds?

Getting your newborn to sleep

Understand babies cries

Advice on Laytte

Baby won't sleep unless in your arms? 

baby Feeds every 30-45 mins ?

Bottle feeding help?

help establishing a routine

how to adapt routine for illness

Breastfeeding Help? 

Is your baby not sleeping?

How does this programme help me?

When you purchase any of our programmes you are opening the door to a wealth of knowledge and support.

Our support is available throughout the first year with your little one if you would like it. 

we not only have the knowledge we have lived the experience too.

We teach and guide all our new clients, to Understand and be knowledgeable, about all aspects of their babies' development and journey.

We help our clients gain confidence in themselves so they can be confident while growing up with their Babies. 


The Remote Coaching Program gives you ongoing support with your baby, we love helping and giving advice to our clients, and we have a whole range of programs and support in place for all our clients.

Book a discovery call and let's chat.

Image by Daniil Silantev
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