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Welcome To Our Newspage

A warm welcome if you are joining us for the first time.

Check out our Events Page for upcoming projects and dates. 

Over the next couple of months, exciting changes are happening here.

We have moved to a subscribed Members-only website with a dedicated Members Area.

As a paying member, you will have access to:

The Blog Vault

New Monthly Blogs,

The Tips for Success Vault

New tips for success.

Monthly Masterclasses- relating to all areas of baby care.

Focus Chats

Access to The Private Fb Group- The Baby Hub Cafe

Monthly Masterclass's 

Lives/Ask me anything Q&As / Mini-course sessions.

Reading a Digital Book
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Reading a Book in Balcony

Email List 

Read more on how to join our Email list and how to join a wonderful community

Group of Babies

Our private Facebook Group

read below for more info on how to join our lovely and welcoming and supportive Private FB group. 

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Digital Store

Our Digital Store is now Open. 

Our new Digital Store
The Baby Bytes Boutique

The place to go to Create your own Virtual Library, full of valuable information to help you on this journey of Parenthood. 

Our Digital Store 

The Baby Byte Boutique is Open

We have two lovely Products.

Becoming a Confident Parent 

Book One 


 Our First Sleep Journal

Baby and Me 

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E-Book Series

Becoming a Confident Parent. 

Book One

The series of E-Books will look at the journey of the New parent, each book focusing on the different elements of babycare/ development and how to hurdle those milestones to the next stage of your child's development. 

 available in The Baby Bytes Boutique for purchase. 

Baby and Me

sleep Journal 

Our Lovely new sleep Journal is available in our Digital Store: 

The Baby Bytes Boutique.

Designed for Expectant first-time mums and first-time mums with an under 1yr old

In this 66-page wonderful  Journal, you will find

Sleep Goals Pages

Note pages

Reflections pages

Brainstorming pages

Daily planners

Weekly Planners

Available to purchase in our Digital Store

The Baby Bytes Boutique.

Group of Babies
New Facebook Group Open
Join our Mailing List to gain access

Our new Facebook group is now open. 

if you are a first-time Expectant Mum

If you are a first-time mum with a baby under 12 months, and you are interested in a more routine approach with your baby, then it would be lovely to hear from you and for you to join us in the group.


The group is now ready to launch,

so if you are interested please SIGN UP to the Mailing list to gain access. 


Join our Mailing list to gain access. 

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Join Our Email List

We would love you to Join our Mailing List,

you get so much more than a Newsletter. 

As a member of our Mailing list, you are opening up our world to you. 

Included as part of the Email List:

Access to our Facebook group, be part of a supportive community

Access to mini-coaching sessions


Access to Top Tips by Tess ( Our CEO and Founder) - Insightful tips to help you with every stage of your journey.

News and Updates on Launches/ Events /mini guides section/ 


Monthly schedule of what's happening in the Group/ Membership and Blog Subscription.

Join Today and receive our free gift.

choose from

Little Explorers


Newborn Sleep solutions 

_Newborn sleep hacks_edited.jpg
Green Typewriter

Our Blogposts are part of the  Members-only programme.

 now part of the Membership Programme.

Running every month, we will be dropping in Our Blogs, with invaluable and informative topics covering everything in Babycare: 

Feeding/sleeping/routine/illness/ communicating with your baby. 

Included in the Membership is access to a Monthly Focus Group Chat- where we discuss the blog and subject matter in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our community of mums, have the same ideals and parenting approach as you, and they are on your side, with No judgment. 

These small Focus Group Chats are run by a professional maternity coach with over 19 years as a maternity nurse.

This is a great way to get to know more about how to deal with the everyday with your newborn and to learn valuable insight from a professional Coach with over 33 years of working experience in childcare. 

Image by Sincerely Media

The Baby Hub Cafe Mini- coaching 


We are working on creating our mini-course sessions. 

Over the next few months, this is a new and exciting project where we hope to reach more of our clients. 

Designed for expectant first-time parents and First-time parents in mind, who want to follow a  routine approach, so we can impart our knowledge and guide first-time parents. 


Each mini-course session will cover a variety of different subjects -

 Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding/ Weaning/ Establishing a Structured Routine/ Sleep Safety Practice, to name a few, with worksheets/tasks to help you grow and develop your understanding of your baby.  

Newborn Baby_edited.jpg

Safe Sleep Practice

 This is such a relevant and important subject to all new parents..

Read through our Safe Sleep tips and advice

for safe sleep practice with your newborn baby.

Members Only.

We are still surprised at how many parenting sites are advising on unsafe sleep practices for new mums.

 we want to ensure that parents have correct information about safe sleep for newborns and babies in the UK.


 Our Safe Sleep blog is available for members only, by getting the message out there to ensure that Parents are educated in safe sleep practices for newborns and babies. 

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